Emulsifier for tasty ice cream and bakery products 

About 25 % of the worldwide distilled monoglyceride production is manufactured in SMS plants.

SMS provides the complete production process consisting of:

  • Esterification/Transesterification batch or continuous operating mode
  • Glycerine and catalyst separation
  • Short Path Distillation of temperature-sensitive monoglycerides at 0.005 mbar (a)
  • Spray cooling and fluidised bed cooling

Regardless of which raw material - vegetable or animal fats and oils - is processed in our plants you can achieve excellent and stable product qualities with monoglyceride concentrations of 90 to 96 %.

Besides, you can significantly reduce your production costs due to a very good energy efficiency achieved by effective heat recovery and optimal re-circulation of by-products, such as glycerine and di- and triglycerides.

Monoglyceride inter-esterification
Monoglyceride short path distillation

Our monoglyceride production process offers the following advantages

  • Top product quality
  • Short reaction time
  • Effective energy recovery
  • Minimal product loss, high re-circulation rates
Mono Blockdiagramm e neu (002)

Precise analysis of your application

By telling us your requirements, we can provide a precise analysis which evaporation technology system you need

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