Thin film and short path evaporators for healthy and tasty products


Thin film and short path evaporators for healthy and tasty products

Food Industry

Food products are processed in order to improve their properties related to storage, stability, taste, smell and flavour as well as to refine desired components. Since food in general is temperature-sensitive and sometimes difficult to handle, SMS offers its equipment for special food treatment. For example, the treatment in short path evaporators allows the separation of very temperature-sensitive molecules because of the low operating pressure and temperature. Treatment in thin film evaporators is used in chocolate production and production of natural food colours.

  • Egg products
  • Yeast
  • Coffee
  • Cocoa paste
  • Malt extract
  • Proteins
  • Soy milk
  • Tea
  • Fruit juices


Evaporation Technology

We offer the world’s largest selection of thin film evaporators and build customer-specific equipment for the evaporation of materials which are difficult to process such as viscous, fouling and heat sensitive liquids.

Drying Technology

Depending on the requirement, we combine and customise drying processes and components to suit the product properties so that, for example, toxic or explosive materials can be safely and efficiently processed.

High Viscosity Technology

Our thin film processors and large volume reactors for the manufacture and preparation of polymers are world leaders and guarantee the very highest quality and efficiency as well as excellent process results.


Production of blue food colorant from algae - a high value and small amount product
Design, manufacturing and start-up of a HYVAP evaporation unit
Cacao mass needs gently treatment for reduction of undisirable flavouring substances
Design, delivery and start-up of a fixed blade thin film evaporator

Quality powered by experience

Our clients expect us to search uncomprisingly and unparalleled for quality.

  • Experience - the foundation of SMS quality
    SMS today combines the knowledge and skills of Samesreuther-Müller-Schuss, Luwa, Canzler and Buss, resulting in outstanding quality and the unusally long-working life of our equipment. 
  • Our way to quality - quality management
    SMS products meet all applicable and relevant quality standards, codes, regulations, and directives.
  • Workmanship - 100 % Made in Germany
    SMS products are manufactured using the most demanding levels of workmanship to ensure that they reliably and safely perform their task.
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