Pharma and Food

Pharma and Food

HYVAP - Perfect processing of heat-sensitive products  

The pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industries show an increasing demand for the continuous concentration of heat-sensitive, viscous and fouling products. Such products are advantageously processed in the SMS HYVAP evaporator.

The HYVAP is a horizontal thin film evaporator. The design especially considers the easy access to the interior and the controlled and reliable CIP cleaning. Advantages are as follows:

  • Cantilever rotor design
  • Comfortable rotor extraction
  • No bearing in product space
  • Mechanical seal in hygienic design
  • Electro-polished surfaces
  • Sight glasses for inspection during operation.

Most of SMS’ customers prefer to purchase a complete skid mounted HYVAP module. Such skids are suitable for the following applications:

  • Processing of cannabis oil for pharmaceutical products
  • Evaporation of solvents from albumin solutions
  • Concentration of plant extracts for pharmaceutical applications
  • Solvent evaporation from polypeptide extract
  • Removal of chloroform from protein solutions
  • Separation of water and/or ethanol from phospholipids and fats
  • Concentration of extracts from algae to food colorant.

Most of the products from these applications have a very high value and are to be produced under GMP regulations. Albumins, for example, are transport proteins which are part of the human blood serum and can be used for cancer detection. Some types of tumours have an increased energy demand for growth. This energy demand is covered by an increased absorption of albumins. For cancer detection a fluorescent substance is bound to the albumins which can then be detected inside the tumour.

Another very interesting product for food application is the extract from spirulina algae which can be processed to blue food colorant. This colourant, for example, allows the production of blue fruit gum smurfs, which are very popular among kids.

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