Horizontal Thin Film Evaporator type Hyvap

The SMS thin film evaporator type HYVAP serves the increasing demand of the pharmaceutical industry for continuous concentration of heat sensitive, viscous and fouling products.
Hygienic design for the pharmaceutical industry

The HYVAP is a horizontal thin film evaporator that allows easy access and inspection of the interior and controlled and reliable CIP cleaning.
The technology of the HYVAP combines the proven advantages of our conventional horizontal thin film evaporators DKH with the following new features:

•    Cantilever rotor design
•    Comfortable rotor extraction
•    No bearing in product space
•    Mechanical seal in hygienic design
•    Electro-polished surfaces
•    Sight glasses for inspection during operation

The new HYVAP DZH offers the hygienic design that meets current GMP requirements. The evaporator sizes range from 0.1 m2 for laboratory to 2.0 m2 for industrial applications. LP steam as well as hot water can be applied as heating media.

Internal view, Hyvap - thin film evaporator
Hyvap - evaporation system