SMS offers its customers a unique range of high viscosity processors and the associated application technology. The program provides tailor-made solutions for process steps with viscous and difficult to treat products. The processors operate over a wide range of viscosities and residence times.

In addition to the longstanding and well-known thin-film processors Filmtruder and Viscon, SMS has developed single- and twin-shaft horizontal, large-volume processors of the types Reactotherm, Reasil and Reacom.

Design criteria that determine which technology is used include:

  • Residence time
  • Viscosity
  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Vapor volume
  • Mixing requirement
  • Melt vs. friable solids
  • Capital and operational cost
Large-volume processor type REASIL

Typical Applications


  • Evaporation 
  • Devolatilization
  • Heat exchange 
  • Mixing 
  • Reaction 
  • Sublimation
  • Resource recovery


  • Viscous / Elastic
  • Sticky
  • Phase change
  • Solidification
  • Foaming
  • Heat sensitive
  • Shear sensitive


  • Adjustable residence time
  • Batch or continuous
  • Plug flow
  • Efficient heat transfer
  • Adjustable vacuum / pressure
  • Heating / cooling
  • Multiple feed ports
  • Multiple discharge options
  • Self cleaning
  • Variety of construction alloys

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