Process Engineering

Our process engineering services are based on a comprehensive and at the same time custom-tailored approach to the respective task.

With our extensive knowledge gained from practical experience and our economic thinking, we efficiently and pragmatically transform even complex requirements into intelligent solutions – from start to finish, from development to commissioning of the plant.

SMS conducts the project as a consultant, designer and manufacturer through all project stages: from process layout, engineering, mechanical design, manufacturing and documentation to installation, start-up and after-sales service.

The result is a customised system or equipment which has been perfectly matched to produce end-products of outstanding quality and purity in a very efficient way.

The criterion for our quality is the satisfaction of our customers.

In detail our services include:

  • Process know-how
  • Feasibility studies
  • Tests in our lab and test centre
  • Joint process development in cooperation with our customers
  • Project management
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Process engineer

Our process engineers define the process and provide the basic specification of the equipment based on their calculations and their experience.

Project manager

Our project managers are responsible for the implementation of our process engineers' work to real life equipment. They make it happen! 

Our basic and detail engineering covers:

  1. Process design based on process calculations, simulations, and test results
  2. Process engineering / plant construction by using a databased engineering software incl. interface to CAD plant design 2D and 3D
    • PFD’s (process flow diagrams) and PID’s (pipe and instrumentation diagrams)

  3. Detail drawings of machines and equipment
  4. Steelwork plans incl. gratings, ladders and railings
  5. Assembling and piping detail planning incl. isometry and material list (MTO)
  6. Piping design
    • Stress analysis
    • Flexibility analysis

  7. Assembling and installation plans
  8. Electrical instrumentation and control engineering
    • Definition of the electrical plant equipment
    • Plant instrumentation design, control concept design
    • Specification for control cabinets
    • Specification for plant cabling
    • Description for control programming and process visualisation
    • Design for alarm and interlock plans

  9. Final documentation under statutory regulations in accordance with customers’ requirements
  10. Assembly supervision
  11. Commissioning service

In addition to relevant standards and regulations, customer standards can be considered for planning, design calculation and documentation. Apart from the chemical standard design, we also offer systems and equipment for pharma and food industry. In this range, SMS is able to provide the expertise and instrumentation from plant design up to completion.


Based on the URS (User Requirement Specification), Buss-SMS-Canzler realises the qualification of the plant with regard to the relevant basic rules (Eudralex, ICH) for all processes.

In detail:

  • Design Qualification – DQ
  • Factory Acceptance Test – FAT
  • Site Acceptance Test – SAT
  • Installation Qualification – IQ
  • Operation Qualification – OQ
  • Performance Qualification – PQ

Buss-SMS-Canzler elaborates a scientific, risk-oriented assessment of equipment and plant systems according to Eudralex Volume 4  Annex 15 or ASTM E 2500.