Thin Film Processors - Viscon & Filmtruder

Filmtruder and Viscon processors are specialized in the concentration, purification and devolatilization of products with viscosities up to 10,000 Pa (s) and are characterized by the following properties: 

  • Agitated thin film processing
  • Unequaled surface renewal, resulting in the lowest residual volatile content
  • Typically no stripping agents required
  • Large free vapour volume compared to product hold-up, allowing very high volatile removal in one stage

A successful thin film processing system consists of the right processor design integrated with properly engineered subsystems. SMS can provide a complete system, including installation and start-up services, or full engineering and design documentation to allow you to add the necessary subsystems for our thin film processor.

Working principle

The Filmtruder and Viscon thin film processors produce a mechanically agitated thin product film, which is distributed over the inner surface of a vertical heated cylinder by a rotor. The rotor continuously agitates the film, creating surface renewal and resulting
in high heat flux and mass transfer. The rotor blades are designed to propel the product down the cylinder walls. Volatile components are rapidly evaporated. The large free vapour space in relation to the low product hold-up allows the separation of large volatile rates in a single stage.