Single shaft large volume processor - Reactotherm

Operating principle

The Reactotherm is a heavy duty processor with an intensive mixing and kneading effect and self-cleaning ability. It is used for thermal processing of a wide variety of pasty, viscous, and fouling products. It can be operated continuously or batch-wise.

The Reactotherm consists of a cylindrical, horizontal shell and a rotor with segmented discs and mixing bars. Stationary mixing hooks are attached to the inside of the shell. The close clearance between the mixing hooks, the segmented discs and the rotor result in a high mixing and kneading effect and the self-cleaning properties of the rotor. The inside of the shell is cleaned by the mixing bars. Fouling of heat exchange surfaces and the formation of agglomerates are avoided. The shell, the rotor shaft and the discs can be heated or cooled. The product transport is accomplished by the slightly pitched mixing bars.


REACTOTHERM processors are characterized by their

  • large heat-exchange surface per unit volume
  • self-cleaning
  • high production capacity with adjustable residence time
  • product and process specific mode of operation


Typical applications

  • production of adhesives and resins
  • production of polyacrylates
  • refining of specialty chemicals and pharmaceutical intermediates
  • drying of temperature-sensitive materials such as food ingredients and pharmaceutical intermediates