Large Volume Processors - Reacom, Reasil & Reactotherm

The Large Volume Processor program consists of horizontally arranged, heated reactors with either a single or twin (co- or counterrotating) shaft which provide intensive mixing and kneading. The highly versatile large volume processors Reasil, Reacom and Reactotherm are characterised by the following advantages:

  • Very large volumes
  • The highest viscosity melts (up to 15,000 Pas) and solids can be processed efficiently
  • Low shear processing
  • Long residence times are achieved economically
  • Mixing, devolatilization, reaction and phase change (from melt to solid) can take place in the same machine.
  • Reactotherm units are also available for batch operation

 A successful devolatilization or reaction system consists of the right processor design integrated with properly engineered subsystems. SMS can provide a complete system, including installation and start-up services, or full engineering and design documentation to allow you to add the necessary subsystems for our high volume processors.