Combined Fluidization Technology dryer (CFT dryer)

Operating Principle

The Combined Fluidization Technology dryer (CFT dryer) offers an economic process for sticky products. CFT dryers combine the advantages of convective fluidized bed drying with contact drying.
The CFT works with a hot mechanically fluidized bed. The feed material is distributed into this bed. It is fluidized by a rotating paddle system. Inside the fluidized bed the wet product is evenly distributed throughout the dry product. The volatiles evaporate instantly in contact with the hot particles, i.e. new solids are created at the location of evaporation.

CFT dryers allow the handling of products, which cannot be handled in other types of contact dryers. Highly viscous, pasty, sticky, crust-forming states do not exist.


The unique benefits of the CFT dryer are:

  • Drying of crust-forming feeds
  • Drying of products with extreme sticky and long transition phases from paste to solid

Typical applications

The CFT dryer is used in the following applications:

Working principle of a CFT dryer