Test Center

Trials are the safest way to make correct investment choices. With this in mind, we present you our test centre in Pratteln (Switzerland) with its 20 pilot plants for evaporation, high- viscosity and drying technology. Simultaneously we use a chemical and physical laboratory to analyse product samples. So we are able to test your products – even flammable, explosive and toxic substances. With customized test plants and equipment we realize your special process solution.

From feasibility studies for new production processes to the design of new plants and basic trials for scale-ups or process optimization.

Our test centre offers you:

  • Lab tests with small product samples
  • Trials on evaporation, drying (contact or convection) and high viscosity product processing plants
  • Production of samples for research, marketing and authority permissions
  • Analytical laboratory for product quality determination
  • Development of suitable equipment, plants and processes for the application
  • Confirmation of process performance and guarantees

Our test report serves you with:

  • Test plant documentation
  • Description of the test results
  • Analysis of the product samples

A service to make the capital investments of our customers more reliable.

Pilot Plants

Evaporation Technology

High Viscosity Technology

  • Filmtruder / Viscon for devolatilization with different rotor types
  • Filmtruder / Viscon for reaction with different rotor types
  • Reactotherm for batch operation
  • Reactotherm for continous operation
  • Twin shaft mixer reactor type Reasil with high degree of self-cleaning