As a technology leader and manufacturer in the thin film evaporation business, SMS has the broadest manufacturing program worldwide. We offer our clients exclusive cost-effective process solutions that ensure the highest product qualities. Taking your specific process requirements into consideration, we plan and build evaporation systems with one or more stages in various configurations: thin film evaporators, short path evaporators, static tubular evaporators and complex column systems. We offer evaporators with different rotor types - horizontal, vertical, cylindrical or conical, in counter or co-current design. Our plants and machines meet the challenging demands of distillation, concentration, drying and reactions. The largest short path evaporator plant in the world, situated in South-East Asia, is equipped with seven SMS evaporators. Our new horizontal thin film evaporator, type HYVAP, is especially tailored for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries, meeting the increasing demands for continuous and gentle concentration of heat-sensitive, viscous and fouling products. Its hygienic design complies with all GMP requirements.

SMS - The world´s leading supplier of thin film evaporation technology

We offer the world’s largest selection of thin film evaporators and wiped film evaporators, vertical and horizontal, conical and cylindrical, co and counter current, tailor-made to your application.

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