The pharmaceutical industry is required to comply with the regulations of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in order to produce the products reliably and consistently and to the desired quality. Based on the requirements for process validation and the needs of the User Requirement Specification (URS), SMS delivers the respective engineering, services and documents, all in compliance with the GMP requirements, thus realizing the qualification of the plant in all project stages. The comprehensive services of SMS are a reliable basis for the validation of plants in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

With the changes in the pharmaceutical industry continuous processes in thermal separation make more and more sense. As an expert in this field, SMS has been concentrating for some considerable time on the continuous operation of evaporation and drying system for the pharmaceutical industry with our Hyvap evaporator and Contivac dryer. The applications show very clearly the advantages of the continuous technology compared to batch processes:

• Reduced temperature stress of the product

• Smaller plant and equipment sizes

• Reduced workforce requirements

Main applications: