Acetic acid recovery with thin film evaporators in the purified terephthalic acid (PTA) production process

The recovery of acetic acid and valuable catalysts are an essential part of the profitability of the terephthalic acid and PTA production process. Continuously operated, specialised thin film evaporators are used in this recovery process instead of ineffective agitated vessels.

The units are constructed of materials like titanium and nickel alloys and have heating jackets designed for steam pressures of more than 100 bar. The rotors utilise conveying elements, which allow these units to handle viscosities up to 200,000 mPa s.

Buss-SMS-Canzler thin film evaporators provide the following advantages for manufacturers of terephthalic acid:

  • operational reliability
  • high on-stream time
  • constant product quality
  • long service life
  • low maintenance costs 
  • profitable operation