Recognising innovation as continuous optimisation – we call that real progress Made in Germany. Innovation is for us an evolutionary process which continuously creates added value for our customers – whether in small details or in major plants.
The scope for technological innovation seems to be limited where processes have performed successfully over the years. But it is precisely in these cases that we continuously achieve innovation, sometimes in minor details and components and sometimes in entire process steps as a result of our systematic focus on problem-solving and outstanding engineering expertise.
Inspired by your day-to-day business and a pioneering approach we have repeatedly created large-scale, ground-breaking innovations which continue to exert an influence on our line of business.
In our CFD tool, for instance, we have developed unique software that can be used to visualise the processes inside thin film evaporators, therefore making the actual flow and material exchange conditions visible for the first time. We are thus able to simulate the entire evaporation process and achieve optimal separation processes through precise calculations.

Whenever the customary solution no longer suffices, we cooperate with our customers to break new ground: productive teamwork with our clients enables us to work with them to modify existing technologies and achieve innovations, which are always efficient in their operation and add lasting value.

We have made it our business to reveal the potential in specific and changing customer requirements – and to effectively exploit these requirements in conjunction with our customers. This close cooperation between SMS and our clients is therefore the driving force for the further development of our technologies and equipment.
In our Test Center we regularly test new processes and applications developed in cooperative innovation procedures with our customers.

We use the 20 pilot plants in our Test Center to conduct feasibility studies for our customers and collaborate with our partners in the analysis of the chemical properties of the end-products. Our aim is always to develop solutions which exceed our customers‘  expectations and move their businesses forward over the long term.