Starting out on the right track is essential if you are to succeed. We have a unique wealth of technologies at our disposal on which we can draw to produce an optimal solution for you – always with an eye for what you really need.
Whether in high viscosity, evaporation or drying technology, our wide technology portfolio enables us to develop and construct the best configuration for any task: from the selection of a suitable type of rotor through to complex systems. And because we combine this with in-depth knowledge of many different industrial segments and technologies, many well-known global names in a broad range of different industrial sectors rely on our products and services:

 Agrochemicalsbiochemical industry foodstuffs industryfibre industryfine chemicalsbulk chemicalsplastics and polymer industryoil and fat industryoleochemical – pharmaceutical industry petrochemicalsspecialty chemicalsthe environmental and energy industries.

Using our extensive knowledge gained from practical experience and a commercial mind-set, we efficiently and pragmatically transform even complex requirements into smart solutions – from start to finish, from development to the commissioning of your equipment.

SMS customers can select from a wide range of technologies which we then link to our industry and process specific engineering service. This combination generates optimal solutions which our offer of products and services can draw on precisely as needed for the order.
As a solution provider we see »process technology« as an all-embracing task which starts with the identification of the customer’s specific requirements and an intensive advisory process.
And whether a customer draws on the full range of the know-how of our highly-qualified and experienced engineers and goes through a comprehensive development process with us, or whether they prefer manufacture exactly to their specification: The result is always an optimally coordinated and customised equipment or system which very efficiently produce end-products of outstanding quality and purity.
Thanks to our experience and manufacturing capabilities we can also build exceptionally large thin film evaporators and dryers.

Customers continue to rely on our expertise even after manufacturing
is complete, for instance for the installation of plants and equipment and
their seamless integration into existing processes.

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