Used / Pre-owned Thin Film Evaporators

The following pre-owned thin film evaporators are currently available. Please concact us for an offer.

Thin Film Evaporator DVB 1800

Year of manufacture:2012
Heat Transfer Surface: 19 m²
Rotor:Metal wiper blades
Design Code:ASME VIII Div. 1, Ed. 2010
Design conditions process side:-/+ 1 bar,  -10 / +250 °C
Design conditions heating side:-1 / +16 bar, -10 / +250 °C
Overall height:10.865 mm
Overall weight (empty):9.500 kg
Material product contacted:1.4539 / SB 625 904 L
Material wiper blades:1.4529 cast
Material heating pipes:1.4301/ SA240 304
Drive / Gear motor
Power:18,5 kW
Current:400 / 690 V, 50 Hz
Protection:IP55, tropicalized
Special design feature:Cleaning nozzles at top and bottom

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